Weekly Development of Pregnancy ( 6 - 10Weeks )

Weekly Development of Pregnancy ( 6 - 10Weeks )

Your womb will continue to grow in size in the weeks to come. Normally the size of a small pear pre-pregnancy, it will be as big as an orange by your 10th week of pregnancy.

About you;
Your womb will continue to grow in size in the weeks to come. Normally the size of a small pear pre-pregnancy, it will be as big as an orange by your 10th week of pregnancy. You could have gained a few kilos until now, or, if you are experiencing severe morning sickness, then you might have lost some weight. The signs of pregnancy become quite prominent in these weeks. Your blood volume has been on the increase to meet the requirements of your growing womb. The extra amount of blood in your system will protect you and the baby against damaging effects when you lie down or stand up. Moreover, the increase in the volume of blood will prepare you for the blood loss of labor. The kidneys work overtime during this/her period to produce an amount of urine for almost two people. The constant need to pee could be trying for prospective mothers. During this/her period, the milk ducts start to swell in preparation for breastfeeding following labor and the areola surrounding the nipple turns darker in colour. The breasts become more sensitive and the blood vessels become quite visible. The skin also has its share of these hormonal changes. Your skin may become more oily, acne-prone or drier than usual. Due to the surge in the levels of oestrogen hormone, you may notice vein formations in the shape of spider webs in some parts of your body. Usually these disappear after pregnancy. An increase in vaginal discharge can occur. Normally, the discharge will be of mucous texture, transparent and a milky colour. If you have a discharge dissimilar to the one described here, you should consult your doctor.
You will also be experiencing ups and downs in your emotional state due to the hormonal changes taking place in your body. This/her is due to hormones. You may sometimes find yourself cross with your spouse or a friend without good reason. No need to worry. Or panic. It is completely temporary. The best thing you can do is to persuade the people close to you that you are not going through a personality change and that it is only temporary. Some of the other symptoms you may display are

  • Dizziness
  • Dull ache in the tummy
  • Food cravings
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Light brownish pigmentation
Your baby
His/her intestines have developed and the foundation has been laid for the development of the lungs. Presently he/she looks like a tadpole as his/her spinal cord is bent; however, this/her changes as the pregnancy progresses. The production of brain cells accelerates. During these weeks, the budding for the arms and then the legs will start to be visible. The contours of the face start to take shape. The lips and nostrils are formed, the stomach takes shape, and the arrangement of the milk teeth in the mouth takes place. In short, many of the body parts used by the baby as a miniature human being start developing in preparation for birth. The bones that start out as cartilage will soon solidify, displaying accelerated development. Webbed hands give way to fingers. Most of the muscles are now in place and some movement may be observed on the ultrasound. The umbilical cord, lengthening sacrum and the tiny spinal cord knobs can now be easily observed.
At the end of the 10th week, the baby is approximately 3 cm long and weighs 4 grams.

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